Sunday, March 24, 2013

I AM A WRITER (A Required writing for Coursera)

The first time I ever considered myself a writer was on a summer vacation in my elementary years when I started writing letters to close friends. The exciting part for me was more on writing about what happened to me that day rather than receiving their replies to my mail.
One of my most memorable writing experience was having one of my essays (from an English examination) included in an issue of our school paper. It was about the adage, “Time is Gold” – to this day, I can’t explain why I was able to write what I wrote during the examinations, but I’m just thankful my teachers thought it worthy to be printed.
In college, I’ve had two more essays from an examination that gained the attention of my teachers and earned another publication on the school paper. One was on the importance of the subject we were studying – described as “Rizal’s Life and History”. The other one was a commentary on the conflict between Israel and Palestine over a piece of land which nobody even bothered to take notice until the Jews came back to reclaim what was historically their land anyway.
During those years, I maintained correspondences with close friends – and these correspondences weren’t just about trivial moments of my existence or theirs, but we would also often have discussions on politics and issues of the day as well as reviews of books we’ve read or movies we’ve seen.
Now in my working years, I write mainly to do reports, to compose a research or write a blog or comment on Facebook.  I would love to someday write an Elementary Music textbook, or an epic fiction story that would put my nation and its history in a more positive light amongst our ASEAN brothers.

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