Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Celebration continued

There is one other celebration I would like to talk about here at this point and that is the celebration of Christ's birthday at Christmas, December 25.
While we Christians get caught up with the celebration fever and all, we should try to examine anyway why we do celebrate this day with the rest of the world. First of all, ye Bible-believing Christians should be mindful of the this fact - the date of Christ's birth was never mentioned in the Bible - probably because of our predilection as mortals to celebrate and give importance to dates, as we do documents, relics etc.when it is connected to deity. Even the apostles predicted that there will come a time when "religious" people will try to suit Christianity to their own preconceived religions. And that was precisely what happened - they picked a date nearer to the Saturnalia, which is a celebration of the pagan God Attis. You will find that December 25 is also the birthdate of several other pagan gods - Now, Christian, can you see the folly of all the fuss we're making on the date which has really nothing to do with Christ?
Many Bible scholars claim that December was too cold a month for the census of Cyrenius to happen nor was it a pleasant time for shepherds to be tending their flocks at night. The most common conclusion is that it probably occurred in Autumn rather than Winter.
Having said these, it would seem so difficult to detach one ’s self to what is happening around you during these festive times. It is very difficult also to excuse one’s self from activities that involve Christmas and your work. But one preacher said, Since God did not give us the real date of Christ’s birth, He surely did not command us to keep it.
But, I keep it not for the world’s reason but because by celebrating the birth, life and death of the Lord Jesus Christ, I celebrate His great salvation and blessings unnumbered just because Jesus Christ did become Man and yet in all essence, still God.

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